Understanding Chakras – What are the Seven Chakras?

what are seven chakras
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In the Sanskrit language, the word chakra can be translated as wheel. A chakra can be seen as a wheel that helps the life energies flow properly. The chakra system is also referred to as the seven vortexes of energy.

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  1. Muladhara Chakra – Root
  2. Svadihsthana Chakra – Sacral
  3. Manipura Chakra – Solar Plexus
  4. Anahata Chakra – Heart
  5. Vishuddha Chakra -Throat
  6. Ajna Chakra – Third Eye
  7. Sahsrara Chakra – Crown

Each of the seven chakras in the body have different roles for the physical, intellectual and the spiritual. They start at the base of the spinal cord and move up to the third eye and above the head. When balanced and opened, they will manifest in various ways in your body, mind and spirit. Based on their location and meaning, each of the seven chakras will offer tremendous benefits for your peace and well-being.

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Understanding the chakras is the first step towards your health and well-being. Here are the names of each chakra and the benefits that can offer in your life.

1. Muladhara Chakra – The Root
Sanskrit meaning of Muladhara – mula= “root”; adhara= “support”

Located at the base of the spinal cord this chakra is very important as it’s like the foundation of other chakras. Muladhara will have the benefits of:

  • helping you stay balanced
  • improving digestive health, bones and teeth
  • makes you feel safe and confident, fearless
  • it strengthens your ambition and drive.

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2. Svadhisthana Chakra – The Sacral Chakra
Sanskrit translation of Svadhisthana – sva= “of self”; adisthana= “resting upon”, abode”

Located at the very base of the spinal column, it represents happiness, creativity, attraction, success; when Svadhishthana is balanced it will give you certain benefits:

  • it helps you be compassionate, intimate with people around you
  • helps balancing your emotions
  • gives you a sense of wholeness and completeness
  • improves, liver, spleen, the autoimmune system.

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3. Manipura Chakra – The Solar Plexus
Sanskrit translation of Manipura mani= “gem, jewel” and pura= “city”

Located between the navel and sternum and is related to the intellect and the prana energy; the benefits of the Manipura chakra (aka chakra of abundance) are:

  • confidence
  • intelligence
  • energy and productivity
  • increased power of will and stamina.

>> Symptoms of an unbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra


4. Anahata Chakra – The Heart Chakra
Sanskrit meaning of Anahata = “unhurt, unstruk”

Located at the chest area this chakra represents unconditional love and it is the chakra that connects the material and spiritual together. The benefits of the Anhata are:

  • feelings of trust, hope, forgiveness, empathy and love
  • feeling complete and compassionate
  • elevates your consciousness to the higher self and avoids the wants and needs of the lower self.

>> Symptoms of an unbalanced Heart Chakra


5. Vishuddha Chakra – The Throat
Sanskrit meaning of Vishuddha = “completely pure”

This is located in the throat and it is responsible for learning, creativity, truthfulness and communication. The Vishuddha nourishes the qualities of:

  • confidence and trust
  • communication
  • being more responsible
  • honesty and being more expressive.

>> Symptoms of an unbalanced Throat Chakra

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6. Ajna Chakra – The Third Eye Chakra
Sanskrit meaning of Ajna = “perceive, command, beyond wisdom”

Located at the centre of the forehead between the eyebrows, Ajna is considered to be the third eye. It’s the part of the body that helps you see and understand all that can be learned and understand. This chakra is associated with:

  • wisdom, self-control, self-knowledge and spiritual awareness
  • enhanced intuition
  • improved neurological system
  • better thinking, focus and visualisation.

>> Symptoms of an unbalanced Third eye Chakra


7. Sahasrara Chakra – The Crown Chakra
Sanskrit meaning of Sahasrara = thousand-petaled lotus, or the “seat” or “throne” of God

Located above the head, Sahasrara will make you transcend the physical and feel as one with the universe; the benefits are:

  • improves brain functions
  • possibility for self-realisation and divine love
  • feeling of peace
  • improved intelligence and open-mindness
  • the possibility to gain psychic powers.

>> Symptoms of an unbalanced Crown Chakra


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