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Chakras can be a real blessing or they can be a real problem in our lives. When chakras go unbalanced we start to feel like we are not in control of our destiny. We end up believing that we must accept whatever happens to us and that it is not our job to question the invisible forces that control us. Chakras are the unseen part of what makes or breaks our bodies and minds.

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  4. The Dream Blend
  5. The Breathe Blend
  6. The Cleanse Blend
  7. The Digest Blend
  8. My go to set of oils and stones

There are many ways to heal and balance chakras. Different people need different chakra healing practices. Some are challenging and time consuming whilst others are easier to implement in our daily lives. Not everyone is physically built for the twists and turns of yoga and not every mind is ready for the detachment and thoughtlessness of meditation.

Essential oils and crystals can be good tools for the balancing of the chakras. I use them daily and despite that none of my relatives are into that I still get excited to talk about them when I get the chance. I use oils in the morning to give me energy and I use them before sleep. For me these are the most important moments of the day. If I don’t start my day with the right foot, I know that I will not be able to carry on my daily stuff without frustration and lack of commitment.

best blends of essential oils


The best blends of essential oils you can get for $49.99 on amazon is the 7 Chakras Essential Oils Set of 7 Essential Oil Blends And 7 Gemstone Crystals. There are a total of seven healing stones and seven oil blends to use for most of the daily activities. The package is sturdy and it’s a perfect essential oil gift set. Elixir by Bita mixed together their own essential oils recipes which fulfill each of their seven purposes. I use these blends for sleep, relaxation, tiredness, focus, clarity, breathing, headaches and pains.

The Relax Blend 

The “Relax Bend” essential oil is my pick when it comes to touching the Third Eye Chakra. It helps to get me faster into thoughtless mode without going through an actual battle between good and evil inside my head. I just rub a couple of drops on my forehead.  The mix of oils the relax blend contains can also help people with stress, muscle and joint pains.

The Relax Blend oil mix contains:

Frankincense oil, Ho Wood, Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemon, Camphor and German Chamomile oil.

For better results I also use the Red Jasper crystal stone. I place it close to my body during meditation. After I finish I lay in bed comfortably for a few more minutes and place the stone on my Third Eye area on the forehead. This process makes me feel like I cleared my mind and I get the chance of a new start for the day. I like to refer about it as a reset process. It helps me balance my thoughts and emotions and focuses my mind away from the external and internal distractions.

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The Energy Blend

In the morning I use the Energy Blend to give the boost I need for the day. It contains a mix of various energizing oils that help me get out of bed fast. As soon as my alarm wakes me up I rub a couple of drops in my hands and I start inhaling. There is nothing like it. It gives me the energy and motivation I need to start my physical exercise. The difference using the energy Blend Oil? I am not eager to finish my reps. Now I am craving for the next set. I keep inhaling the blend as I am doing the exercise and the difference is clear if I am not using it. This oil mix can also help people with fatigue, relieving pains or fot a better general state of mind.

The Energy Blend Contains:

Rosemary Oil, Juniper Berry, Juniper Needle, Silver Fir Needle, Lemongrass, Clove, Nutmeg and Black Pepper Oil.

The stone for this blend is the Carnelian stone which is good for the Sacral Chakra. This chakra represents happiness, creativity, attraction, success. When balanced helps you be more compassionate and balances your emotions.

The Focus Blend

The Focus blend is also good enough to give me the morning boost I need. However, I prefer to use this before I start my work. After the breakfast and shower I now have my palms ready for a couple of drops of the focus blend. It makes my mind feel like an arrow ready to penetrate whatever I focus on. This essential oil blend is really helpful for focus and improved concentration. The mix of oils this bottle contains can also help with headaches, fatigue, immunity.

This Focus oil blend contains:

Lavandin oil, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Frankincense, Marjoram and Spanish Rosemary oil.

I also place the Lolite stone near to my body me when I am working. The Iolite stone helps healing the Throat Chakra. The chakra responsible for creativity, learning, communication. When balanced it makes you more confident, more expressive, more responsible.

These three blends are the ones I use on a daily basis. They have the necessary ingredients to help me start my day in a good way and carrying out my meditation and my work properly. They help make my day fruitful and feeling satisfied that I did my best.

The Dream Blend

The Dream blend I use it when I feel like I am not sleepy enough to go to bed. This is not everyday. It can be of great help people with issues such as insomnia, anxiety, agitation.

The Dream oil blend contains:

Lavender Oil, Spanish Marjoram, Copaiba, Clary Sage and Roman Chamomile oil.

The dream blend also comes with the Amethyst stone. This is stone is known to help the Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. When balanced these are responsible for enhanced intuition, improved brain capacity, better focus and visualization, divine love, peace, improved intelligence.

The Breathe and Cleanse Blends

In this 7 Essential Oil Blends And 7 Gemstone Crystals And Healing Stones set we also have the the Breathe Blend and the Cleanse Blend oils. I use these with my favourite oil diffuser throughout the day to make my room a pleasant place to be and to breathe. I do not use it everyday, but after a couple of days my nose asks for it. I also use it when I have guests so they have a most pleasant stay. I like to have guests so I try to give them reasons to stay more or to come back soon.

The breath blend can actually help others with issues such as nausea, fever, anxiety, better memory whilst the cleanse bend can relief allergies, infections, skin and hair impurities and act as immunity booster.

The Breathe blend contains:

Eucalyptus oil, Peppermint, Australian Tea Tree, Lemon, Siberian Fir Needle, Cardamom, European Bay Laureal Leaf oil,

whilst the Cleans blend contains

Clove Oil, Cinnamon, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary oil.

The breath blend comes along with the Lapis Lazuli stone. Lapis Lazuli, the stone of the Gods used to be worn by kings and queens of the ancient Egypt. It has similar vibration as the higher chakras and it is related to creation, with realization of the dreams. It makes you feel more aware and more intuitive.

The Cleanse blend comes along with the Green Aventurine stone. This is known to aid healing the Heart Chakra. A balanced heart chakra makes you feel complete, makes you more connected to the higher self and its desires. It makes you feel empathy, love, trust and forgiveness.

The Digest Blend

The last one from this set is the Digest Blend. I sometimes use a couple of drops to give more taste and vitality into my fruit salads. I also use it in the fruit juices that I use as I am doing my physical training. The oils it contains makes me feel more reinvigorated and gives me a mental and physical boost. It can help with digestion issues, inflammations, blood flow and migraines but it can also work as an appetite suppressant.

The digest blend contains:

Peppermint Oil, Spanish Sage, Cardamon, Ginger and Sweet Fennel Oil.

The stone that comes with this blend is the Yellow Aventurine stone. This stone helps with balancing the Solar Pelxus Chakra. This chakra is known for confidence, intelligence, energy, productivity and increased power of will.

Here is the set of oils and crystals for my daily use:

Before finding out about this blend I used to make my own mixes. Now it is easier and less time consuming to have all the necessary blends in one single set. I us these daily and I am certain that it can help anyone having problems such as fatigue, lack of motivation, pains or even depression. I am not perfect, I to have negative emotions on a regular basis. But ever since I am using essential oils these challenging emotions have dropped a lot in intensity as well as in frequency. Sometimes you just have to use them daily for at least a couple of weeks before the body gets used to their impact on the body and mind.

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