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It is a fact today that genes alone are not what makes us sick. It is our environment, our choices and actions. One easy way to prevent getting being affected by disease is the reiki healing practice. Many have been touched by its power. You can too experience the benefits and experience a new way of life. This practice touches on the very energies of your life creating the necessary conditions within your for peace and well-being.

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The real cause of disease

Be it diabetes, pains, chronic fatigue, or even cancers these interfere with our normal daily life routine, our needs, aspirations and expectations in life. Even if health issues are hereditary, it does not mean they cannot be avoided. It has been actually been proven that genes play a small role on the impact of our life when it comes to illnesses:

“the role of genes, […] made little contribution to health outcomes for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The fault does not appear to lie in our genes but our choices.”

(Genetics Or Lifestyle – Where Is The Cause Of Disease? -American Council of Science and Health)

Rewriting the genetic code

In many cases our genes can influence our health but we are not 100% proned to that. The fact that you are now conscious of this it means you can prevent or decrease their impact on your life by making the right choices and taking the right actions. The most optimal way to make the right choices and taking the right actions for a better health is to be in a state of peacefulness, acceptance and well-being. One of the means to which you can come to these powerful and healing emotions is the reiki healing practice.

Keeping the illness at bay

Depending on your genetic code, some genes are more easily activated than others. People having the exact same lifestyle can have different health outcomes. The major factor in keeping these genes quiet and harmless depends heavily on our emotional state of being. It depends on how we react to the things around us and how we allow ourselves to feel when faced with stressful situations. The most important thing is to be balanced within. Start creating today the right conditions for the genes to be reprogrammed and have an impact on the quality of your life and your children.

blocked chakra causes and remedies

Touching the source of life

The very source that gives life and makes us grow physically and expand intellectually can also heal if we create the right conditions within ourselves. For this to happen you must bring balance on all levels; on chemical, emotional, spiritual and energetic levels. Just as you don’t have to consciously take care of the beating of your heart or digestion of your food, so this source of life will take care of your health if it meets the right conditions.

What is the reiki healing practice

Our environment ca stimulate negative and harmful emotions within us. The people we encounter, the situations and events we experience can cause the chakras to be blocked and disturb our balance. We can use the pure reiki healing practice to create the necessary conditions for life within us to flourish and enhance our abilities and strengthen our health or prevent ill health. It doesn’t matter the gender, age, religion, nationality. Underneath we all function under the same vibrations and energies.

The Pure Reiki practice will touch the very source of life within you. The source that has the power to create and sustain life can prevent, weaken or even heal physical or mental illnesses. 

The Pure Reiki practice is a technology for the energy body (pranamayakosha). If the chakras of the energy body are not balanced and opened these will consequently find expression in the body and mind. As this body of energy can give you illnesses it can also heal them. Even more, it can alter the very conditions that make you susceptible for various hereditary or genetic factors of these health issues.

Within the new field of epigenetics (epi = above), it has been proven that genes can be reprogrammed:

 ” [epigenetics]… opened up new avenues into explaining – and curing – illnesses that genes alone can’t explain, ranging from autism to cancer.”

– Epigenetics: How to alter your genes, The Telegraph.

Enhance your experience of life now with the healing power of the pure reiki practice. Decrease the chances of getting ill and increase the chances of getting healthy. Reiki Healing download program is here today:

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What are the Benefits of the reiki practice

The benefits of this are not just for people with health issues. You do not have to wait to get ailments to take advantage of the many benefits it can offer in your life. Anyone can practice and harvest the fruits of this miraculous gift. The pure reiki healing can help prevent any future ailments that you are genetically proned to have.

Some of the conditions people have claimed to be improved or healed by Reiki alone:

  • chronic fatigue
  • body pains (be it acute or mild)
  • diabetes
  • skin problems
  • wounds


pure reiki testimonials
Testimonials on how this particular Reiki practice has helped many people.

Enhance your experience of life now with the healing power of the pure reiki practice. Decrease the chances of getting ill and increase the chances of getting healthy. Reiki Healing download program is here today:

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