andrew t real reiki

On RealReiki.co my mission is to create the possibility for people of having a better life quality. Reiki is a practice that is growing in popularity because of its healing properties. On this blog we try to bring a higher sense of understaning on the matters of the physical life, but mot importantly on the issues beyond the physical dimensions of the body and mind.

The world we live in is increasing the pace at a rate more than ever before. People do not yet have the ability to mentally and even bodily adapt to this sudden change on the way the world is happening. It is most important today to learn about the inner dimensions of life. The physical is overwhelmed by the huge amounts of information that we daily receive. This causes sublte or less subtle emotional disturbances which when not approached will cause long term damage.

Becoming aware of the other dimensions will help you become more suscpetible to negative influences from outside. My Desire is to help you to help yourselves becoming a healers of your own soul, mind and body.

My Story

I am always fascinated by learnign and trying new things. Learnign about the dimensions beyond the physical has brought a lot of confusion at first. But in the end it helped me become a bit more aware, a bit more human. Any good that happens to someone is a good thing only if it finds expression and helps others too. Through struggles and times of inner conflict the most important thing is to stay balanced within. This is the best way towards healing. To not become slaves of what we feel, but to make our feelings becomes a servant of us.


It is a fact that we live in a most comfortable world. No generation has ever experiened such level of comfort. Airplanes, telephones, the internet, and all other aspects that are developed to make our life easier. But there are also high chances that we are also the generation that suffers the most. We suffer our failures, we suffer our successes too. If we do not have enough we suffer that, if we have too much that becomes a suffering too. It is more than ever needed to bring balance within us as a generation and to leave a better world for the next generation to come.